Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What To Believe and What Not To Believe , That is the Question...

The existential dilemma facing Hamlet in Shakespeare's play is not too dissimilar to my predicament. Ofcourse, Hamlet's choice to act or not act is more intensely personal and its urgency is more immediately relevant to his historical context.
My choice is to believe or not to believe what I see and what I read. Let me give an example......

Here is  one example of a depiction of Gaddaffi's rule.

 Regardless of the man's personality and suggested maniacal tendencies offered by many sources the policies themselves would tend to convince anyone that Libya was enjoying many rights and privileges that many other nations would envy.

Here is another example of a depiction of Gaddaffi's rule.

Now have a look at these depictions of his rule.....

and this one ......

The question is, what to believe ?

I could have an opinion on this issue but as a wise spokesperson once said,
"Opinions are like arseholes ; everybody has one ."

I know propaganda is at work here but how to unravel what people living in Libya actually thought of the man  and the general consensus of him ?  And why should this matter to me ? Living on the other side of the planet ?

And how is my dilemma linked to Hamlet's " To be or not to be " ?

Well, I have to function in my every day life as a citizen  and I need to make certain internal judgements about what I see or hear or understand in my world. 

To believe or not to believe what I am exposed to is the challenge I face in my own world of, to be or not to be.

The metaphor that comes to mind is ;

I can be a mushroom living  in the dark and being fed bullshit and be comfortable with the state of affairs; or, 
I can be a tree cultivating my own growth  and feeding  off the sun  with the wild, unpredictable rhythms of nature.

I can't be both.

What do you think ?


  1. I have blogged a fair bit on Gaddafi and Libya

    Did he have his issues?
    Don't all political leaders

    Check out the quality of life stats on Libya under Gaddafi's rule

    The literacy rates, the length of their lives (life expectancy)
    Watch it drop like a stone from here on in.
    Read about the sovereign fund and the project to green the desert
    The gold dinar

    Then you will understand Gaddafi was not crazy, but "crazy like a fox"...

  2. I can't be both.

    What do you think ?

    Well, it's your blog, WJJ, so what do you think?

    1. Firstly, thanx for checking out my Blog and
      Thanks for your comment, James. I obviously adhere to the second analogy.
      I love your enticing question. What do I think ?
      Well, it seems that your sentiments lie with politics and exposing the
      institutionalised injustices of American Imperialism.
      So if I may.....
      the world has always been subject to the struggles of domination and power.
      The Greeks, the Romans, the name just a few obvious examples.
      Exposing and toppling one injustice to replace it with another was beautifully
      illustrated by George Orwell in Animal Farm. This process of changing and replacing
      society based on the impulse of social justice changes the
      outward form and structures , but essentially remains the same.
      And we know the consequences of this search for Utopia.
      So I believe that the world of power and politics
      is the way it is because it cannot be any other way.
      The people who rise to the top of these governments are themselves governed by
      the principles of self interest.How else do you think they got
      there? An image of ambition is a person standing threateningly
      on the person below him whilst
      kissing the feet of those above him. That's the hierarchy
      of business and government.
      I don't agree with it; and I don't support it. And I am
      pretty sure I can't change it.
      So where do I stand in all of this?
      Well the simple truth James is I don't want to end up like George Orwell,
      a bitter and broken man
      unable to make sense of my role in a world abandoned
      by Hope and Misfortune.
      Seriously speaking, from my point of view
      and my personal understanding, I don't think that conspiracy theories,
      especially targeting the Jews and Americans will have any social or
      lasting significance in the great scheme of things. It will
      only make you enemies and
      You should never underestimate your enemies.
      And to be quite honest living under an American regime, with all
      of its imperfections isn't that bad for me, and I presume for you as well.
      So I hope you are not offended by my reply to your boomerang question.
      BTW...I love your blog.
      Im new to this game and I will
      adapt and improvise as time goes on.
      And Im on holidays at the moment and have loads of time up my sleeve..:-))

  3. Hey William

    Conspiracies are merely two or more people planning something together.

    It is generally best not to engage in the propaganda terminology that it has become.

    No real conspiracies are being created involving America or Israel except the ones they are creating themselves.
    By conspiring together against others
    Be it Iran or most recently Thailand

    Did you notice the perception created of the "terrorist" in Thailand.
    That he was Lebanese, hence Arabic?
    Except he was a Swedish national.

    Who conspired to create a specific perception?
    Orwell understood the importance of language.
    We must always be aware of how language is used and abused to create a certain perception of reality.

    Enjoy your time off.

  4. Hi Penny,
    You definitely have a lot of experience in exposing the lies instigated by
    the political spinners in the daily investigative news. I suppose the perceptions you speak about being created by these
    manipulators of the press in spinning their web of deceit in current world affairs is
    frightening because of its insidious innuendo and I am well aware of the problems this last episode has caused for
    the Thai government. It's as if the bullying tactics of these players of perceptions in the battle for political supremacy
    leave no stone unturned and anybody caught in the crossfire can be effectively jettisoned, just so long as they can appease their appetite for power and control. Justice becomes a word of convenience in the shadow of these powermongers.


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