Saturday, January 21, 2012

DownTown Paradise

I am always on the look out for that special impulse that separates personal baggage from public surroundings.

Over the last few days I have been mesmerised by the tropics and hypnotised by its alluring warmth.

My memories flow like a fountain of reinvigorated youth

At the same time I am alerted to the news of the world.

Have things changed  at all ?

Reading a fellow blogger outlining the thrust of American Imperialism , firstly in Libya and now in Syria , and presumably soon in Iran left a familiar taste in my mouth.

I turned to revisit The USA vs John Lennon and then onto some of John Pilger's documentaries and the gnawing polemic of politics , especially the powermongers , who, through their sheer brute force of monopoly of information and perceptions of reality obscure our sense of global humanity in this world.

But have things really changed ?

WW2 polarised the world, and then the Iron Curtain, followed by the Cold War that helped maintain the continued divisiveness. Add to it the mix of religion and ethnic relations and the recipe for today's political realities is an outcome of the power struggles of the 20th century.

I reassure myself that people as a whole are like that to each other. History is riddled with the exploits of power and domination. From the local to the global , conflict, barbarism and dehumanisation of others in states of vulnerability are the patterns of documented historical behaviour.

A famous scientist (source unknown) is quoted as saying after years of studying nature that :

" Death is the Rule ; Life the Exception "

So to get away from the polemics of Politics I turn to the polemics of Nature.

Why does death occur in such a functional fashion ?

It seems to be all about food.

In nature everything feeds off everything else.

I have no idea where I am going with this thought, but as I attempt to rationalise death and the injustices of political realities I strike a chord  with an image of the blue planet suspended in its local neighborhood in the Milky Way Galaxy floating through the endless corridors of eternity and somehow I suspect that the purpose in life just as in death plays out a game that feeds the synapses linking all life in some ways throughout the universe.

I hate the way people and societies are so callous and so cruel towards each other.

But what I hate also is my ineptitude to effect any change in world affairs..........

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