Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogs and Graffiti

Banksy ( Hope he doesn't mind )

Somehow I feel pretty useless writing about things which I know very little about save for my general readings about the dealings of the rich, famous and powerful groups causing misery, mayhem and menace in the world.

I once heard a line which now echoes in my mind that blogging is the newest form of graffiti.

The internet is now  swamped with this new graffiti .

There is nothing wrong with graffiti.

But what type of graffiti will I engage with ?

When I originally started out on my quest for Blogdom there was never a thought about becoming an online political activist.
But it seems the more I dig and search the more I read about the arguments for this or the arguments for that and how the twain can never reach conciliation I get lost in the mire of information            criss -crossing across vast and lengthy interconnecting networks.

It all seems like a bad marriage with irreconcilable differences effecting a very nasty divorce.

 The issues are real. We are talking about murder, wholesale destruction of people, nations and the  menacing duplicity of persons and ideas who we were led to believe are fighting for our honour, peace and freedom.

But do I want to participate in this inter - dynamic , quasi-farcical debate on human affairs ?

I do not take the urgency or the seriousness of the horrific situation of world affairs lightly.

It's just that I want to find a voice out here in cyberspace not focused entirely on my conscience to do something about the injustices of the world or the discoveries of corporate greed.

I want to create a little corner of inspiration for some like minded persons who love to share moments of solitude and the discoveries we make with ourselves in times of thoughtful inventiveness.

Here's keeping my fingers crossed that I can find that voice.........and eventually an audience...........


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