Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moral Crusaders

Consider the two statements below :

Be wary of those who try to lecture you on proper behaviour.

Guilt is always a tool used by authoritarians to control and manipulate.

The context ?

Social Control.

In Australia at the moment we have a group of fundamentalist Christians attempting to hijack the legal system by a concerted attack on advertising and what they see as the "sexploitation" of females. In their self righteous , self imposed order of thinking , these people are determined to force a change of social attitude through the political agenda to effect a cultural shift in the ways advertisers do business.

So what can be so wrong about this ? Surely advertisers have overstepped their mark on a number of occasions . Look at the way they promoted cigarettes and the cultural embedding of that practice in the modern world, especially after WW1.,29307,1848212,00.html

Look at how the cultural shift has changed on this practice in developed countries.,9171,1905530,00.html

So what can be so wrong in attempting to effect a cultural shift in attitudes towards a social practice in the form of advertising  targeting and using the theme of sex ?

Well, where do you draw the line ?

What makes something sexual  ?

Isn't it in the eyes of the beholder ?


Isn't the aim of these social crusaders to enforce an agenda that channels perceptions through the filter of their fundamentalist religious philosophy ?

Have a look at the following :

Now I have no problem with them expressing their opinions, concerns and brand of life-styles......

But when you try and convert others through the brute force of the law, then I suspect exclusionary tactics will underpin social values and a monocultural dominance will resurface in Australia; the concepts of right and wrong behaviour in the form of attitudes and beliefs will prevail leaving many minority groups grappling with a sense of confusion about what kind of justice system deprives a person of their right to practice their own's like regressing to the times of intolerance we witnessed in the legal system in the 50's and the 60's in Australia.


  1. Wow, this is really thought-provoking.
    We so often follow rules blindly and the idea of questioning them doesn't even begin to occur to us.
    You have opened my eyes.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Ygraine, thank you for your kind and encouraging words. The politics of persuasion can be an insidious business with many layers of intentions.
    Exploring the obvious and finding a whole new world of possibilities is what poets like yourself do best ; exploring the obvious and manipulating it for personal power is what politicians do best.I have to say that I love the narrative structure of your voice in many of the poems I have read so far.


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