Thursday, January 5, 2012

Inspiration from fellow Bloggers.....

Don't write...

Don't write.
It's too powerful.
It might tell someone how
you feel.
How you hurt.
What you don't understand.

Don't write.
It's too powerful.
It will show who you are
on the inside to the outside.
It'll blow your cover,
your nice reputation.

Don't write.
It's too powerful.
You might hurt someone's feelings.
People may not like your words.
They may attack you,
or abandon you.
Don't write.
It's too powerful.
It might give others hope.
Let them know
they're not alone.
It might change minds.
Change directions.
Change the world.
.So, whatever you do,
don't write.


  1. Greetings WJJ

    Just checking in here, seeing what the place looks like......
    I read through all the posts and this is the one I decided to leave a comment with.

    I write precisely to give hope
    In some tiny way, like a sliver of light
    That someone realizes is shining through
    And onto them
    If anything I write changes directions or changes some minds....
    That would be alright!

    Oh and cute baby :)

  2. Wow. Thanx 4 the comment and the time spent in checking out my blog.
    I love ur relevant in my quest on this site...I love ur blog!


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