Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Priorities of Greatness

The use of the word "great" has slipped into our vernacular through the  back door of propaganda.

Why do we learn about the exploits of say, Alexander the Great ?  

And why was he great ?

Because he was an egotistical, maniacal thug whose thirst for power managed to brutally slaughter so many people who dare be in his path to self glory ?


Then why ?

I suggest it's because mainstream culture has inadvertently usurped our collective sense of reality and subverted our community desire for social justice.

We believe he is great because of the power of death and destruction he could unleash on those around him.

This is nothing new.

Even people living contemporaneously  during Alexander's times admired his so-called "greatness" ...

Think of Julius Caesar..who legend has it , cried when he stumbled across a statue of Alexander in mock jealousy of his "greatness" reputation and swore to leave an even "greater" legacy.

And Julius Caesar did not disappoint in this.

The wholesale butchery of friends and foes alike are well documented.

What exactly am I trying to say here ?

I stumbled across a site that set out to promote the memory of  Audrey Hepburn.

and then I explored even further....

and further..

and further...

and the word " greatness  " is focussed entirely in my impressions of her and the reality she was trying to promote.  

The connections with her outlook on life and the beauty of her selfless cause stands as a testament to a "great" human being. 

The important, dedicated work of UNICEF is continually highlighting the injustices perpetrated by Western Sovereign nations against the innocent civilians and children who are caught in the cross fire of the modernised version of colonialism in the guise of Western Imperialism.

But this reality has been subverted. 

Our collective humanity is usurped by the games of power and domination.

Like Audrey pointed out  in one of her interviews....

" We have colleges of war, we study war and learn about it....why can't we send our children to study peace? set up colleges of peace ? learn about peace ?

A tribute to a great person....Audrey Hepburn.


  1. I didn't know that Audrey Hepburn said that, but it sure is a tribute to her. A touch of greatness there in that remark.

  2. I didn't realise she said that either.
    She is clearly a woman after my own heart.
    When will the human race finally learn that war is futile?
    I guess it will be left to the ordinary person in the street to finally convince the so-called greats, as usual.


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