Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Visual Feast of Time and Matter

I have a real desire to explore and experiment with everything I can in the limited time span of my life ;  the world of the microscopic universe puts meaning and purpose to the magic and surrealism of my imagination.
Sit back and relax and take the time to soak up the information presented here. Although it presents as a National Geographic souped - up documentary and intermittently injects advertising it nonetheless does offer insightful discoveries.

Let's Dance

Hello my sweet , hello my love
I am the one 
Whose love for you bounces across the zone
Embraces your cortex to the bone
 And unlike the crumbling sands of yore 
Our electricity will spark the lore
That binds us together
Regardless of the weather
Come and join me in this fabric of space 
We all love to call our place 
Let us venture into the realm 
of forever
Leave behind this world of whatever
And dance with the flow 
Of the Universal glow
I love you my sweet
Forever and ever

Image and prompt inspired by Please visit and try out for yourself.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Life and the Imagination of Immortality

We eat to survive

Food replenishes our bodily mechanism.

In fact all living things consume other living things to renew .

It seems to be the governing law of life.

Without eating we perish sooner than expected

And yet once we reach our life span we die anyway.

And so it goes, we perish and the cycle continues with the next generation of 

living organisms.

But this food consumption that replenishes our bodies also requires the oxygen 

that we breathe,

Without the interchange of gasses there is no life.

This process combines to create other substances 

So breathing and eating can be an apt definition of life.

Where am I going with this ?    

It seems Nature creates living things as food for 

other living things.

As a concept that helps define the mechanism 

governing life.

We eat and breathe to perpetuate the renewal of life.

This law of nature is not guided by morality but a 

simple structure of renewal.

Renewal defines the sequence of time

So the next question I must ask is how does the 

structure and renewal of my life measure up to the 

renewal of the expanding universe ? 

What exactly is my role in the renewal process ?

Am I to believe that my role is limited to the 

confines of an earthly ecosystem ?

Is it daft of me to signify I have a role to play in the 

great scheme of the universal mechanism of self 

perpetuation ?

Einstein once suggested that the Universe does not 

play dice.

And I agree that the idea of chance or accidental 

design cannot satiate my need for an answer to the 

purpose of life and renewal

So ?

To seek an answer to my question I am drawn into the 

world of quantum physics.

Quantum physics is an area of science that operates in the 

realm of probability

My basic understanding is that it is an area of science that 

does not fully comprehend how the fabric of the physical 

universe meshes together but still manages to harness a 

theory of probability enabling it to manipulate areas that 

help create the marvels of modern technology.

It is only with the power of imagination that scientists have 

been able to appreciate the flaws in our perceptions of 

reality and have opened up a new world of possibilities in 

defining the fabric of matter.

SO ?

Can my breathing, regenerative life be part of a process that 

helps in the renewal of the regeneration of the expanding universe ?

Can it be that my individuality is transformed into another

individual reality made up of a different set of physical realities ?

Can the processes I undergo as part of my life play part in 

the renewal of the transformative reality of the universe ?

Can the substances I generate through my breathing 

and daily renewal  be part of the all governing principle of Nature's 

renewal  into another sequence of reality ?

Can my  role and place in the expanding universe be a minor yet 

significant  player in the ever expanding renewal of the universe ?


What is the outcome of all of this reflection ?

I am able to intellectualise my impulses to systematically 

rationalise  my obvious, momentary, transient 

existence ...............and satisfy a need for logical problem solving.

To end with two more of Einstein's quotes
  • The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.
  • We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Food for thought ?