Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Decolonising My Way of Thinking

I am brainwashed by the social media.

I know this.

It has become water off a duck's back.

But just because I know this.....

The real question to ask is....

Do I understand what this means......

Do I feel the emotional impact behind this domination of my consciousness ?

Have we collectively and consciously abandoned our faculties to scrutinise and criticise ?

Have I jettisoned my ability to sense the control of my own thoughts ?

Do I think my own thoughts ?

About myself ? about others ?  my past ?  the present ?  my future ? 

I won't bore you with  proselytising or alternatively titillating your fancy...

But I do want  to take time out and explore a debate going on at the moment....

It has me enthralled, not because I identify with a feminist cause, 

But because I know that the social policies that shape my culture and my thoughts are too often taken over by the"do-gooders" through the social media.

Now if these "do-gooders" were altruistic I would not have a problem or take issue.

However , when the motives are less than altruistic  and  duplicity is at work then I do feel the need to take issue and speak out in my own personal forums.

Whether I get an audience or not is not the point or the issue.

When insane social policies paralyse and limit my power to imaginatively think about  my personal issues or choose what I think or say, through the form of social bullying then I should voice my opposition.

Have a read...

....of this interesting debate going on in the Land of Down Under....involving of all things ...the hijacking of  public debate by a new breed of powermongers parading as crusaders for women's rights carefully concealing their religious agenda behind the cloak of feminism...nothing new I know but definitely au fait.....

No Place For Sheep

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  1. It is quite unnerving isn't it?
    Unfortunately, it is everywhere you look.
    Perhaps those of us who still have independent thought should set up our own society and escape the brainwashing and hypocrisy.
    Wishful thinking, I know, but maybe one day...

    1. I think u nailed it 2 the point Ygraine. Utopia is just wishful thinking. I don't know why I spend so much of my time online whining about the obvious when we all know that we are free 2 create our own society in our own homes. Thanx 4 taking time out 2 comment. Much appreciated. As always :-)


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