Monday, February 13, 2012

Internet Freedom Anyone ?

So you think Internet Censorship is good for business and will protect your intellectual property ?

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  1. Isn't that insanity william?
    Sharing a recipe and your a criminal?
    Now what if I told you here about a recipe I learned in a cooking class?
    Seriously, is that criminal in any way shape or form?
    Obviously it is not.
    It is communicating, something humans have done for a very long time
    That is how ideas get out into the open..
    How information is shared amongst the community.
    This is how society grows, changes, shapes itself, makes decision all based around the free flow of information.
    Since the creation of the internet is has been more difficult for the PTB's to control what the people know, as information can be shared as easily across the fence as across the ocean
    And what this is about is controlling the information flow!
    Denying humans their basic human rights, to freely communicate vital and necessary information for the human community
    PS: children will be no safer from internet porn or predation as that is way to profitable


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