Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Equation to Persuasion

 Numbers are the universal language in the mind of humanity
They are the mathematical principle of our inherent tapestry
In nature designs and  heavenly equations
Rotate endlessly beyond our considerations
Why then do we conjecture about the logic of its proposition
That life is eternal with such antipodal opposition ?

In a universe of distinct and geometric symmetry
Where the laws of movement are governed by natural tyranny
The musical mastery in the octave of a tonal interval
Where two frequencies having a ratio of 2 to 1 are integral
Why then does the meandering minstrel of philosophical bent
Guide us through this hypothesis with an aim to circumvent ?

Has a miscast chord aimed from above the celestial sphere
Forced us to reevaluate the reason  we are here
Is it some kind of mistune played on our minds
Focusing on the ancient  written designs
Whose words we ponder with urgent solicitude
Speculating the proof which nurtures disquietude ?

All of life resonates the death of its image and likeness of its being
Is a ritual to the perfect harmony of its continual foreseeing
Like a harp from the heavens of an unknown destiny
Playing the tune of mystery mirrors the pain of history
With the force needed to make that leap in time
To take us into the higher octave into another paradigm.

 Here is the link to Dverse Poetry which inspires writers and readers of poetry....have a look and see


  1. really i find this fascinating...have you seen the reports of late of sounds that people are hearing...with that in mind as i read this in was quite enthralling....i like that you include the music as it makes for a great metaphor in this...

    1. Thanx Brian, I tried to integrate the mathematical imperative with the musical as I suppose they both have their foundations on the same footing.

  2. This reminded me at first of Augustine's prayer to numbers in his confessions. It's very Platonic to see the world cast according to harmonies and ratios, and ever fascinating that we humans can discover them and elicit them in wonder and joy for all to commune in the harmony. The disharmony, I think, has to do with human individuality and the need for humans to find meaning in their lives. It seems we must internalize these cosmic rhythms but in doing so we also want to add our own series of notes to it. Lives do not akways coincide with the universal and the ripping apart of the fabric of necessity by our ability to act freely adds this further dimension to the music of the spheres. For me, I find Coltrane's jazz fascinating in this regard. I incorporates individuality into a greater cosmos of sound. This is discordant atbtimes, perhaps chaotic, but it seems to reflect reality as it is lived by individual beings.

    1. What an excellent angle you have taken on this. My premise was to target the philosophical trend that argues the accidental Big Bang Theory of existence. I love you spin on it and thanx for ur input.

  3. maths and music are quite close...and funny as it realize it most when you start to do that which seems so easy and non-logical...there's complete and complex logic behind it...and with that in mind..i found your poem extremely fascinating

    1. I love ur comment.Thank you so much for ur reflective words. That mathematical and musical link u describe so well is exactly how I see it. The complete and complex way you also describe it is a wonderful way of putting it.

  4. We humans have forgotten most of what we knew in ancient times. If we understood it all, that knowledge has been forgotten or, hidden from us. There is so much more to us if we can find it in the depths of our being. Some of us are reaching to higher vibrations, maybe it's what we've always been meant to do.
    Great use of the prompt. Yes, much of the universe is made up of math, and math and music do go together. It's at once, simple but, simple in it's complexity.

  5. Hi Daydreamertoo, thanx 4 stopping by and leaving a comment. I see u unravelled a lot of what I tried to say in this feeble attempt 2 draw up a picture of a possible alternative way 2 understand ourselves in the gr8 scheme of things. I think philosophy is pretty much a form of mental gymnastics whose aim is 2 dignify the practice of sophistry and twaddle with each other 2 feel good about themselves. I also believe that without imagination the tools of reason cannot pass first base. The mind boggling idea of the mathematical absolute of infinity ever present around us all the time needs to be included in any philosophical discussion about anything. How do you do that ? Maths and the irregular laws of mathematical octaves in musical theory I suspect offer a more realistic base to imagine general theories about the universe, life and death......the big bang theory and the concept of an accidental trigger that set things off....sounds like the rantings of an unimaginative toddler. I better stop here.... thanx again for visiting. I love ur blog.

  6. This is definitely deep. I have nothing to add, but this rings true.


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