Sunday, December 7, 2014

Let's Dance

Hello my sweet , hello my love
I am the one 
Whose love for you bounces across the zone
Embraces your cortex to the bone
 And unlike the crumbling sands of yore 
Our electricity will spark the lore
That binds us together
Regardless of the weather
Come and join me in this fabric of space 
We all love to call our place 
Let us venture into the realm 
of forever
Leave behind this world of whatever
And dance with the flow 
Of the Universal glow
I love you my sweet
Forever and ever

Image and prompt inspired by Please visit and try out for yourself.


  1. Oh to find such togetherness in a dance...such intimacy...such love!
    Oh I wish...;)

    1. Couldn't help but feel the electricity between these two and although their faces appear expressionless it is what's going on around them that is important in this image for me.

  2. I liked this very much it fairly swept me along - such sweet words from such an obscure picture.


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