Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Mirror to my time down under

Hi there, well this is my second post and I am starting to get a vague idea about where I should be taking this blog. In my first blog post I introduced my family . In this post I will hold up a mirror to explore and explain who and what I am. Hopefully after this I can begin exchanging some of my thoughts on topics I hold some personal concerns with and freely open up my communication channels and start getting some other bloggers out there to join in and see where I can go with all of this.
My name is William and once upon a time I had some dreams about where I would be when I turned old....old being a relative concept....the energy, the enthusiasm and the width and breadth of my possibilities were endless. How did I turn out ?
Well, not too bad...I mean I have survived where others have not! I have remarried and started a new family where others have not ! I have relocated from the eastern suburbs of Sydney to the western suburbs where others have dared not to venture ! I have managed to stick with a job for a number of years where others have not ! So all in all it hasn't turned out too bad.
So what do I have to offer ? In this cyberworld of electronic thoughts and meaningless ramblings of an infinite number of alter egos ?
Not much ! But I do have a wish. I want to give myself the hope of an Individual Voice throw a spark of relevance in life essentially. So , in this personal journal of mine I will try and forge my online identity and see what happens over time....
Adios for now.....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mirrors and Candles !!

Greetings to all of u who have ventured into my corner of cyberspace......

This is going to be fun..

So where do I begin..


I would like to introduce u 2 my wife and baby girl.....Araya ( Amy ) and Caitlin ( Pawinee )

They r amazing !! They have helped me chart a new course in my life that has become a new adventure and journey.... Here's a photo of the three of us visiting Chang Mai in northern Thailand about 6 months ago..