Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Visual Feast of Time and Matter

I have a real desire to explore and experiment with everything I can in the limited time span of my life ;  the world of the microscopic universe puts meaning and purpose to the magic and surrealism of my imagination.
Sit back and relax and take the time to soak up the information presented here. Although it presents as a National Geographic souped - up documentary and intermittently injects advertising it nonetheless does offer insightful discoveries.


  1. Wow...this is really mind-blowing stuff...many thanks for sharing.
    I have often sat quietly and pondered the connection between inner and outer space...there are so many similarities...

  2. Yes Ygraine, it sort of puts the mystery, the magic and the wonder back into the world and what is real, using the authority of science. If the microcosmos shows us that two points can be simultaneously effecting each other even if they are so far apart then how we understand the nature of time and space is also open to a whole new world of interpretation. Contemplation and mediating between the worlds of science and religious purpose is helping me sleep quite well at night......:-))


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